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Posted on: 07 November 2023 in News


Movember fundraising can not only help boost the morale in any team, but it also helps to start those sometimes awkward, and difficult to have conversations. Movember has helped many workplaces evolve to consider mental health as part of that equation – you will definitely see more open conversations in your workplace should you take part.

How do I get involved?

1 – Register and create a team

Sign up for Movember and create your profile, called your Mo Space.  Then head to the teams’ section to set up your worksplace.

2 – Use the Movember Resource Hub to plan your fundraiser

3 – Spread the word and start fundraising!

Life can often throw us a curveball when we least expect it! But there’s a lot we can do to look after ourselves and others.  If you’re feeling low or overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to REACH OUT FOR SUPPORT

If you’re ever worried that someone’s life is in immediate danger, call 999 or go directly to the emergency services.

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

There are things we can do to help someone if we are worried about their mental wellbeing.  One thing that can really help make a difference is talking.  Remember, it’s ok to ask someone if they are feeling suicidal, it could save their life.

What can I do if someone tells me that they are having suicidal thoughts?

If someone tells you they are having suicidal thoughts always take them seriously.  For further information on talking to someone with suicidal thoughts please check out the Mental Health Foundations suicide prevention page but If you’re ever worried that someone’s life is in immediate danger, call 999 or go directly to the emergency services.  If you’re feeling low or overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to REACH OUT FOR SUPPORT

Did you know prostate cancer is the most common Cancer in men over 45?

We all have those wonderful men in our lives that constantly chat about their next big project or how ‘big’ their tool shed is!  Basically, anything that drives them nuts! Yet, some things don’t get talked about enough, like prostate cancer!

Do You Know Your Risks?

Age – 50 or over?  If you have a prostate, then your risk of prostate cancer increases with age. However, this doesn’t mean that this type of cancer is limited to men over the age of 50!

Race/ancestry – black or have African ancestry?  Prostate cancer is more common in black men and men with African ancestry.  The reasons aren’t fully understood but it’s likely to do with genetic and biological factors.

Family history of prostate cancer?  The genes from our parents and relatives play a part in Prostate Cancer risks. It’s also higher if there’s a mother or sister with breast or Ovarian cancer.  So, if there’s a family history like this, start talking to your doctor about prostate cancer in your 40’s.

Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer strikes young – it is when abnormal cells in the testicle start to divide and grow in an abnormal way – It’s the most common cancer in young UK men!

Movember aims to win the fight against testicular cancer by thinking differently.  Their weapon of choice? Innovation and collaboration! They back fresh and innovative ideas, uniting researchers and experts across the world.

Early detection is key – those awkward moments when you’re not sure if you’re actually checking correctly?  What to look out for during a self-check?

To find out more about the Men’s Health services we offer at Sussex Premier Health please take a look here 

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