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Posted on: 14 March 2022 in News

At Sussex Premier Health we can provide quick and easy access to private GP service – when you need it. There is a choice of private GP appointment times available, you’ll have a 25 minute appointment giving you plenty of time to discuss your concerns and symptoms without feeling rushed.


There are some services not offered by our private GP, our team will check your symptoms with you and advise whether the private GP appointment is suitable.

25 minute initial appointments are £110

15 minute follow up appointments are £55

To speak to a member of our team or to book an appointment, call 01424 757455 or contact us here (link to enquiry page)

Does seeing a private GP at Sussex Premier Health affect my relationship with my NHS GP?

Having a private GP appointment at Sussex Premier Health does not result in any changes to the care you receive from your NHS GP and we recommend that you remain registered with your local NHS practice to ensure assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

Our private GP service is not an alternative for emergency services

Please remember, private GP service should not be seen as an alternative for emergency services. In the event of an emergency call 111 or 999 if you are within the United Kingdom.

What’s included

In addition to the consultation with the GP, your appointment will also include where appropriate

  • Writing a private prescription
  • Providing a referral to a consultant
  • Recommending and referring you for scans or x-rays and highlighting what others tests you may need

You will be provided with an outcome letter detailing all of this and a copy will also be sent to your NHS GP.

Any further investigations which you may require during or after your appointment, such as blood tests, scans, ECGs are not included in the cost of your appointment. Before any such test are completed the GP will discuss with you why they think these tests should be carried out and the costs associated with them.

What’s not included

  • 24 hour health cover or emergency service
  • DVLA, visa or other specific medical checks
  • Repeat prescriptions, except where we have initiated treatment
  • Minor surgery
  • Ongoing monitoring of long –term conditions where the NHS might be a more appropriate provided of this chronic disease management service.
  • To be treated for a reaction to any prescribed medication (this would be deemed an emergency)
  • To routinely use the service for ‘sick’ notes for conditions our private GP is not treating
  • We do not offer COVID-19 testing

To speak to a member of our team or to book an appointment, call 01424 757455 or contact us here


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