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Why should you get your eyes tested regularly?

Posted on: 23 September 2022 in News

19 – 25 September is National Eye Health Week


Mr Pieter Gouws’, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon urges patients to get their eyes tested regularly ” If you have never been for an eye test you may be suffering from a serious eye condition like glaucoma without knowing it. Many eye diseases don’t have any symptoms until later stages when the damage may be irreversible”

Mr Gouws’ continues “Are you seeing well enough to drive? Eyes tested regularly simple eye test may be the difference between having an accident or not. It is estimated that at least 20% of drivers no longer meet the legal requirements. This can usually be remedied with a pair of spectacles. Please book in to see your local optometrist today”.

There are various benefits to a comprehensive eye exam           

Other than having your vision corrected and ensuring healthy eyesight, regular eye exams can also help detect certain eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, which could lead to vision loss. Serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer can also be detected during a routine eye exam.

About 88.2% of blindness in India is avoidable according to Avoidable Blindness India, a study group.

Narayana Nethralaya recommends dilated eye exams every couple of years for people over the age of 40 to help detect diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and AMD in their early stages. Our experienced and qualified eye specialists are equipped to provide the full range of ophthalmic eye care which includes comprehensive eye exams, prescribing corrective lenses, diagnosing and treating complex eye diseases, and performing eye surgery.

For more information about National Eye Health week you can visit the Vision Matters – National Eye Health Week website

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