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Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) treatment

Excessive sweating can be embarrassing. Sussex Premier Health offers fast access to a specialist who specialises in hyperhidrosis and of treatment to help this condition.

It’s normal to sweat if you get hot or do exercise, but you may be sweating excessively if you’re sweating when your body does not need to cool down.

Excessive sweating is common and can affect the whole body, or just certain areas. Sometimes it can get better with ages, but there are things you can do and treatments that can help.

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What is Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) treatment

If there’s no obvious cause for your sweating, and nothing seems to be helping, then you may be referred to a specialist (dermatologist). At Sussex Premier Health, our consutant dermatologist, Dr Jan Von der Werth specialises in hyperhidrosis treatment.

Your specialist may recommend other treatments that you can try, such as:

  • taking tablets that reduce sweating
  • treating the areas with a weak electric current passed through water or on a wet pad (iontophoresis)
  • having botox injections for sweating under the armpits
  • surgery – for example, removal of the sweat glands

If your sweating is caused by another condition, any treatment you may need will depend on what’s causing it.

At Sussex Premier Health, we offer treatment for hidrosis through botox injections.

Your initial consultation

At Sussex Premier Health, you’ll meet your consultant in one of our private consultation rooms. During this time you will be able to explain your medical history symptoms and raise any concerns that you might have.

We will also discuss with you whether any further diagnostic tests such as scans or blood tests are needed. Any additional costs will be discussed before further tests are carried out.

Your initial consultation at Sussex Premier Health will be with one of our expert Cosmetic Surgeons.


There are two ways of helping to treat excessive sweating: non-surgical injections and surgical treatments.

Non-surgical injections
A new non-surgical temporary solution for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) involves an injection of anti-sweating medication which is a natural purified protein and works by preventing the signal to perspire from reaching the sweat glands. Anti-sweating treatment by injection is administered through a very fine needle into the affected skin. Perspiration normally diminishes substantially within 48 hours and results which vary patient to patient can usually be expected to last from 6-12 months.

Surgical treatments
Many patients suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) from the hands and arm pits. Although conservative (non-surgical) treatments can be effective they often need to be repeated and without them the problem reoccurs. The traditional surgical approach to stopping perspiration involves division of the sympathetic nerve chain. This requires a surgical wound above both collar bones and is fairly complex surgery. The advent of keyhole surgery has allowed the development of an operation using a specially adapted telescope and requires just a tiny (about 1cm) incision under the arm.

The operation is known as Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS). Although a general anaesthetic is required most patients are well enough to go home the same day and the operation is usually immediately effective.

At Sussex Premier Health – Hastings, we offer treatment by non-surgical injection to patients from East Sussex, Kent and further afield.



You will be able to go home soon after your injection. If you’ve had injections you can resume your normal activities straight away and no time off work is needed.

Although excessive sweating doesn’t usually impact on your health it can be embarrassing and affect your quality of life. It may stop you doing things you’d like to such as exercising or from making physical contact with other people because you’re worried about sweating. You may find you have to shower or change your clothes more than usual. Excessive sweating is a common condition which affects between one and three in 100 people. When there is no obvious cause for your sweating it is known as primary hyperhidrosis. People with secondary hyperhidrosis know what causes their sweating with pregnancy the menopause anxiety certain medications low blood sugar an overactive thyroid gland and infections being common triggers. There are various treatments which can help control your sweating including non-surgical Botox injections and keyhole surgery. Your doctor will discuss which method is best for you. You may have decided you want treatment because you have sweaty armpits face or groin or maybe clammy hands or feet. Whatever the reason Spire can help. If you decide to have your treatment with us you will be looked after by an experienced multi-disciplinary care team.

Your consultant dermatologist.

If you’ve had injections you might experience some nausea headaches and pain or redness near the injection site. Sometimes other parts of your body might sweat more. This should ease within a few days.

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